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Chifuti Safaris is widely recognized as one of the premier safari operations in Africa. Operating in the most prime hunting concessions in the country, Chifuti Safaris has made their reputation by offering the finest in classic dangerous game hunting available in Africa today.

Zimbabwe, situated in the heart of southern Africa, is one of the most storied safari destinations. Chifuti Safaris operates in the very best hunting concessions encompassing many hundreds of thousands of acres, from the famed lower Zambezi Valley in the north to the game rich Southeastern lowveld.

Zambezi Valley, For well over a century, the Zambezi Valley has been considered a Mecca for big game hunters. Early hunters like Selous explored this area in their quest for adventure. The ‘Valley’ with the Zambezi River as its northern border and the escarpment as its southern, is made up of a wide variety of contrasting habitats: large flood plains, thick Jesse bush, mopane forests and rolling hills. The ‘Valley’ is known for its classic big game including huge herds of elephant, and one of the highest concentrations of Cape buffalo in Africa. The remoteness of the Valley, combined with the abundance of prey species and limited quota’s makes this an excellent area to hunt the greats cats; lion and leopard. The numerous islands and marshes that abound along the Zambezi, also provides the opportunity to hunt Africa’s two aquatic species; hippo and crocodile.

Nuanetsi, Situated in the Southeastern lowveld of Zimbabwe, Nuanetsi is one of the largest privately owned conservancy’s in Africa. Long regarded as prime game country, Nuanetsi also had a history as a working cattle operation. Nuanetsi closed all hunting in 2007. With the closure to hunting, the already strong game populations expanded to one of the highest concentrations of wildlife to be found in Africa. In 2012, the hunting at Nuanetsi has once again opened and Chifuti Safaris is now the exclusive operator in this superb game field. The variety and quantity of plains game at Nuanetsi is unparalleled. In addition, 4 of Africa’s dangerous game species are offered here. Nuanetsi is home to a strong population of Cape buffalo with trophy quality being some of the best to be found in Zimbabwe and both the aquatic heavyweights, hippo and crocodile, are available. Although quota is tightly controlled on these species, the trophy quality is excellent. The leopard hunting at Nuanetsi is among the finest to be found anywhere in Africa. The area in Africa is widely recognized for producing, on average, the largest leopard in Africa. The 5-year closure of Nuanetsi has created an abundance of trophy males available to our clients.

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